As above, so below


You can choose what level, everything is the same as it looks, but your mind can alter your very own reality. Do you want to live in hell, with misfortune after misfortune or heaven where you can manifest freely, be exposed to love and blessings. The plane we are all on is the same, the mind creates your reality, the conscious mind uses the ego to place itself, into the simulation. Ego is basically your username for the realty you’re placed in. So when people say kill the ego, you’re essentially taking yourself out of the equation. This is impossible because you are who you are, what is needed to be done is to become the thinker and step back from your own train of thoughts and observe.


5194B9E8-2C85-478D-B7CD-6D5F03BD518B.jpegThe greatest secret of all, we can create our own happiness just by speaking love into existence. Each and everyone of you has the power to create positive energy. Say I love you to plants and people as you walk by in your head. I guarantee you that positive ripples in this plane you create will magnify and positive will seek you. Like attracts like. Spread LOVE.