As above, so below


You can choose what level, everything is the same as it looks, but your mind can alter your very own reality. Do you want to live in hell, with misfortune after misfortune or heaven where you can manifest freely, be exposed to love and blessings. The plane we are all on is the same, the mind creates your reality, the conscious mind uses the ego to place itself, into the simulation. Ego is basically your username for the realty you’re placed in. So when people say kill the ego, you’re essentially taking yourself out of the equation. This is impossible because you are who you are, what is needed to be done is to become the thinker and step back from your own train of thoughts and observe.


We don’t live in a free world, social constraints are abundant. Suppression is alive and well, and in America they have unlimited resources to carry out this agenda. Outside of a full-on revolution or MASSIVE overhaul of our elected officials, it’s an uphill battle day in and day out. However, people are waking up from their deep slumber and with the internet able to touch the masses with their messages of enlightenment. Take away the government and you still have the people, take away the people and you no longer have the need for government. Even the word government shows its meant to “govern”. But they will tell you it’s for highways, potholes, safety, laws, etc One must understand we live in a 3D dimension, that certain universal laws apply, if you stop eating food you’ll die, if you want a house you must have money, there’s certain limitations that we unfortunately cannot escape in this reality, and those who have knowledge of this exploit it to the max. Only escape is within yourself but also knowing that you choose every aspect of your life each second. You choose to live where you are, work where you work, eat what you eat, etc some deal with it, and some don’t. Some will complain others will try and change things. It all comes down to what YOU WANT TO DO. Awareness of these issues is definitely the movement, and more will wake up. It’s tiring to be imprisoned by those who you cannot see or speak directly to, but a soul cannot be diminished entirely and you have God inside you. We will succeed in changing the perception of our current reality to that of pure freedom and pure love. Don’t give up!!